Article VII Powers and Duties of the Supreme Student Government

Sec. 1 The Supreme Student Government shall be the highest governing body of the entire studentry.

Sec. 2 The SSG shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

a. Formulate and recommend programs that will address relevant issues/concerns of the studentry.
b. Plan and implement policies and programs designed to protect and promote students’ rights and welfare;
c. Monitor and evaluate the students’ activities in the school and in the community.
d. Create committees necessary to address the needs of the students;
e. Make recommendations to school authorities regarding student matters, affairs and activities;
f. Serve as the representative of the studentry in voicing their opinions, suggestions and grievances;
g. Participate in the crafting/formulation of the School Improvement Plans (SIP’s);
h. Act as Coordinating Council of all campus co-curricular organizations;
i. Have such other powers and duties as the school authorities and the studentry may, from time to time, grant or delegate, consistent with stated principles, objectives and school policies;
j. Spearhead anti-drug abuse, anti-smoking, Brigada Eskwela, Reading and Tutorial Services for Challenged Learners, and environmental programs in the school;
k. Monitor and supervise the elections of Student Government Officers for the succeeding school year; and,
l. Turn-over the financial assets, papers, documents, properties and other responsibilities to the incoming Student Government Officers.
m. Submit financial and accomplishment reports to the school authorities on a monthly basis. Terminal reports must be submitted to the school authorities and the incoming SSG officers during the turn-over of responsibilities.